What is a Reiki Doula?

A reiki Doula is someone who is trained in assisting and empowering a woman's pregnancy, birth and sacred postpartum while integrating balancing and relaxing reiki energy! 

Benefits of Reiki During Pregnancy and After Birth


Reiki is both safe and extremely beneficial to an unborn child and their pregnant mother.

We have found that women who integrate Reiki with a certified practitioner or have studied the first degree and are attuned to the universal life force find the experience of pregnancy and childbirth more enjoyable and

easier to cope with. 

Reiki can help during pregnancy in various ways such as:


  • Reiki alleviates morning sickness.

  • Reiki may reduce stress and tiredness.

  • Reiki stimulates the babies’ healthy development.

  • Reiki can be used to treat painful muscles, joints or the spine.

  • Reiki strengthens the bond between a mother and her baby. When a mother

who is attuned to Reiki places her hands on her tummy she is passing pure

unconditional love and healing to her unborn child.

  • Reiki keeps the mind body and spirit in balance reducing the chances of post

natal depression.

  • Reiki nourishes the fetus with love and the universal life force. It gently

comforts, protects and envelops the unborn baby.

  • If the father of an unborn baby is a Reiki practitioner he can also help during the

pregnancy by treating his partner. The important bond between father and child

will also be stimulated each time he places his hands on his partners’ pregnant

tummy. The father can communicate through his hands with his child.

  • Reiki can help couples who are finding it difficult to conceive a child by reducing

stress and stimulating both the females’ natural reproductive cycle and the males’

production of sperm. Through the very calming technique of reiki, the reduction of stress may assist parents to conceive. 

Reiki can help after birth in various ways such as:


  • Reiki can accelerate the recovery time of the mother and baby after the birth. It

is especially good for caesareans sections and healing the various scars and

stitches often associated with childbirth. Click here for a link of a study showing reiki given on cesarean incision scars helps reduce pain. 

  • Reiki may help preterm babies in the NICU.

  • Reiki can be used to assist in healing the babies’ umbilical cord. Reiki can be used to vitalize and nourish the mother’s milk if the baby is breastfeeding. Alternatively, if the baby is to be bottled feed the formula can be treated with Reiki. Treating and enriching the babies food can help nourish and satisfy the baby’s hunger. This will help them suckle until they are content and full.

  • Reiki stimulates balance in the new born baby. It can easily be channelled to the

baby whenever the mother or father (depending on who has been attuned to the

energy) or Reiki practitioner touches their child.

  • Reiki can be used to help treat cradle cap and colic.



Important Note: Reiki is a complimentary healing method that can be combined with other recommendations by your doctor. It is in no way a replacement for your doctors recommendations on any specific treatments for you or your baby. Always consult your doctor no matter how trivial it may seem if you are concerned about your baby.

Resource: Reiki Infinite Healer Level 1 Study Guide

Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 



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