~What People Are Saying~

"It was amazing having Emily there for support! I will never forget the joy and excitement on her face after my baby was born! It was incredible! "

-Delany Barkhaus, Mother of two

"Emily was the doula at our birth. Without her, I don't know how my partner and I would've gotten through it. She advocated for me, held my hand, and helped me get through each contraction (not to mention she was a great birth photographer and because of her I have great memories that I will never forget.)"

-Shelbie Purvis, Mother of one

"I love Emily so much. I had a reiki session with her a few months ago and I felt so relaxed and peaceful afterwards. She really listens to you and what you need and I can tell she gives her all. I love her desire to be of service. Also I love Rainflower Botanical Soaps and essential oil roll ons. Thank you Emily!"

-Jordan Ashtree, Reiki client

"Emily is an empathetic, intelligent soul. I love her calm presence and caring demeanor."

-Treanna Wade, fellow doula

"My husband and I took Reiki Level 1 & loved it! Emily and Mike are such amazing mentors who really have a unique & inspiring way about them. We really appreciated Mike's thoughtful perspectives & passion for history. Emily is so very nurturing & peaceful in voice and touch. Excited to take Level 2!"

-Jessica Villella, Reiki Student

" I’ve taken Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification classes with Emily and I must say the experience was AMAZING! She’s SO knowledgeable and SUCH a great teacher! She’s always open to answering any questions and is so supportive. I am super grateful I chose to get certified with Emily! If you are looking to get certified or get reiki done I HIGHLY recommend Emily! Her energy is delightful."

-Paige Carmichael, Reiki Student

Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 



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