Supporting A Powerful Postpartum

The care, dedication and love up until birth is a truly maternal investment. But what about a new mother’s care once baby is born? We live in a culture that has not truly brought to light the importance of a mother’s wellbeing after birth. There are many wonderful distractions, such as the care and awe of the beautiful newborn (well deserved), which is always a mother’s first priority.

The emotional and physical wellness of a new mother is the foundation of the function of all other things in her life. It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes the loving support of the community and the caregivers in it to support that mother.

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition and postpartum depression have many causes, but a heavy load of responsibilities can make these possible challenges more daunting. The wellbeing of a new mother is so important for the dynamic of a new family. The more focus on her and less focus on what may cause stress is vital. The amount of compassionate feedback and attention to her needs literally helps her feel confidant and be present as a mother.

Isolation during childrearing is actually a very unnatural thing. It is shown that women with close female friends tend to be happier, for obvious reasons. Women thrive when they feel supported by other women. Having a "tribe" (close community), intimate friendships, or intuitive doula can mean the world to a new and emotional mama. Her shifting emotions are completely natural, during this volatile and expanding new experience into motherhood, so this gives more reason to have relating female relationships.

In many cases, a postpartum doula can help assist a smoother transition into motherhood. A postpartum doula offers herself as an experienced and thoughtful reminder and support that all is well and can be taken care of without a mother’s undo worry. She will remind the mother of her accomplishments and be the reflection to the mother to be more gentle with herself. She will praise the feminine spirit of the mother and offer a listening ear. She fills in on what is less important, (chores and other tasks) so the mother can focus on her sacred, powerful postpartum.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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