(Simple) Self-Love Pregnancy Rituals

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

To fully embrace the pregnancy experience in a mindful, moment to moment way, we can create rituals that allow us to remember to slow down. They don’t have to include lots of prep or take lots of time. Relishing in pregnancy, when it may bring natural discomfort and tiredness, can be done simply.

Here are a few suggestions of rituals you can integrate everyday during your pregnancy, that take only a few minutes each:

Rejuvenate with a glass of water. You will do this many times a day normally, but if you intentionally focus on the life giving water as sustaining your energy, we can learn to appreciate it in a different way. Think of the water as living energy that will refresh you and sustain you and your baby. Even expressing “thank you” to your water while you drink it will bring more positivity into this essential experience.

Sit in the sun and breathe the air deeply.

Giving ourself a moment of solitude in the warm sun can remind us of the beauty all around us. Taking full and conscious breathes in the fresh air brings replenishment of new oxygen our body needs. This simple act of reconnecting with the breathe outside can quickly liven your mood.

Enjoy a cup o‘ tea. A pregnancy tea such as nettles and raspberry leaf is a nice pick me up. It should be enjoyed over good company and light conversation or in a place of quiet. Smell the herbs deeply and intentionally take a sip. Allow the tea to be a part of your moment of relaxation.

Reflection journaling. Take ten minutes to explore feelings of each stage of pregnancy. How does this stage differ from the rest? What emotions does it bring up? What are you enjoying about pregnancy? Is there anything you want to communicate to your baby in utero? What are some of the challenges? What are you excited about?

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