Reiki Can Help Create a Positive Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

Our hands do many things we don't always remember to acknowledge during our day. We cook, clean, open doors, grab groceries, write stories, create paintings... The most powerful action our hands can offer is to help another person. Using our hands to heal can be such a gift.

Our hands can heal in one way unlike the many other modalities available- through touch and comfort. Reiki is the healing art of the peaceful energy our hands can bring to another. To understand Reiki for what it is, Reiki literally means "life force energy". Our hands hold the keys to directing our life force (the energy in ALL of us), to helping and healing one another.

A trained reiki practitioner knows how to amplify life force energy to its most potency and offer it to another person through their hands. This form of energy balancing brings healing to many different ailments and radiates pure love from one person to another, simply through their intention and their hands.

Reiki is known to relieve stress and bring a deeper sense of happiness to its receiver. When the body is relieved of stress from reiki, the body's innate ability to heal and function as a complete system is renewed. Reiki helps in relieving pain from mild to chronic and has no negative side effects. It keeps the body from being worn down and helps boost immunity from illness.

During pregnancy, the female body can be under more stress than usual, but she may also be hyper aware of taking good care of herself. She eats healthy foods, drinks lots water and keeps movement in her body. Her mental health is just as vital in her overall health though, which means keeping stress to a minimum. Reiki relieves tension, calms the mind, and can ease aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. It can be integrated as a part of a pregnant mother's wellness lifestyle.

Reiki is also a wonderful contribution to any postpartum care. It can help in relieving stress and assist in warding off postpartum depression. Reiki is especially unique in healing birth trauma and caring for overall womb health. A session in which focusing on the feminine energy and womb can release emotional trauma and speed up postpartum healing.

Baby receives calming reiki energy

A newborn can benefit from reiki as much as the mother can. If a baby is born premature, reiki can assist in the baby's ability to grow and heal normally as it adapts to life earlier than expected. Reiki can help colicky and teething babies. It can affect overall wellness for newborns at any stage, because reiki brings such deep relaxation and calm.

Reiki can become integrated into the modern mother's pregnancy, postpartum and newborn care to fully embody wellness within mind, body and spirit.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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