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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a lucid dreamer. As a child this was very normal for me. I’ve hardly ever slept without waking and remembering my dreams. Most of the time there were deeply rooted messages embedded in my dreamscapes. Many revealing unearthed desires that had only barely sprouted their heads to my awareness. Others were fears that had been less provoked but were asking for acknowledgement. So many stories being told through this dream world that reflected my waking life. So many prophesies.

Through attentively listening and decoding I began another mode of knowing myself.

The real dream I was living, my waking life has always had an affect on my sleep states stories and vice versa with the help of lucidity.

So I ask you...what are your waking dreams and which are those you keep locked away as “so good, too good” they might be considered fairy tales?

How can we bring our deepest dreams and desires into our waking reality?

Can we invoke the subconscious to help guide us to true peace during our birthing process?

The answer is yes, by accepting our fears as a door towards a peaceful outcome. By releasing our fears in order to create a proliferation of a peaceful experience.

When we invoke and chant the same desired outcome, our ideal outcome, we naturally eliminate what we do not want, by empowering our birthright. What we do want is always our birthright.

We naturally propel ourselves forward through the power of our word and vision.

As clearly as you can imagine, what would be your ideal birth experience?

As you decide what you do want, what obstacles or emotions arise that you do not want or make you uncomfortable?

Maybe those uncomfortable projections could be given up with the force of surrender.

The truth is, to truly be “in love”, I don’t mean romantically, but within the love of unconditional acceptance, one must TRUST.

So we make our birth prayers and send them out to be delivered back to us at their aligned and divined moment.

This dream work of weaving our thoughts into a tangible reality requires full trust, in your body and your babies. Trusting the process, from moment of conception to high school graduation and beyond of course. A long journey of trust indeed!

So what is engaged dreamwork and how may having prenatal dream council be beneficial to this active decision to trust?

It’s a combination of intention and surrender.

We can do this in the dream world, by setting intention and creating ritual around the time before we go to sleep. If you are a vivid dreamer this is a huge tool for successful manifestation in the dream world. If you don’t usually remember your dreams or have not ever felt in control of them, then setting powerful intentions and allowing your dreams to be as they are can work just as well. You can take any intention or vision for your birth into the “day dream world” with you too.

Receiving prenatal dream council gives you something to work off of in this specific dream work. It’s having a sacred space to release and build, release and build upon the desired outcome. It’s a place to open to new expansion. When we apply this to pregnancy and birth, we begin to settle into the knowingness that’s our experience may be guided by our own intuition and trust. The trust that comes when you know that everything is where it needs to be, aligned and divined.

We can engage this knowingness and creative dream weaving through song, primal emotion, poetry and the ritual of honoring the path, the dream itself.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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