Opening Questions to Ask A Doula ❤️

When you are interviewing for a doula you want one that “fits” yours needs and feels good, right?

If you are a first time mom, maybe your not sure of what your needs of support are. You may not know exactly what to expect or what the environment will feel like during labor.

Here are some basic questions to ask the doulas you are interviewing to find the one that supports your needs the best! These questions will open the door to getting to know the doulas in your area in a transparent way.

1. What kind (twins, cesarean, natural, freebirth, preemie, lgbt, hospital, etc.) of births have you attended?

(Some doulas are more seasoned in some types of births)

2. Do you lean more towards advocacy, education or emotional and physical support? (As all doulas should offer all of these types of support to you, usually a doula will lean more towards being your advocacy warrior, a trained bodyworker who can help you physically or a more nurturing, emotional presence.)

3. What do you charge?

(This may seem like an obvious question, but the price a doula charges reflects what she is offering you. In order for a doula to be on call for a month she must charge a living wage. Her time is being guaranteed to you. Generally, doulas should charge between $650 (for the most basic care)-$1800 (for more experienced doulas who specialize in types of support) per birth.)

I hope this helps in creating a framework around the interview process. Doulas should be asking you questions as well, but these 3 questions tend to reveal a lot of what kind of doula she is. May you align with your destined doula and best of luck on your pregnancy journey!

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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