Communicating With Your Body, When the Body Communicates With You

Much of what the journey of pregnancy, parenthood and general healing consists of is following our feelings. When given a chance to speak, the intuition and our gut feelings guides us in many decisions. What hospital to birth at, what foods to eat (or at least who’s advice to take on what foods to eat), who feels good to attend at your birth, who to trust with fears or who to call in for support. A lot of the answers we find, even ones guided by science, are still leaning on a foundation of “feelings”. What feels right for us, personally.

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A good way of tapping into our body’s natural intelligence is being honest with how we feel every day. The more we create awareness of the pains, what feels out of alignment, what feels pleasurable to us and what uplifts us, the more we build body awareness.

The body knows. Let me say this again- the body knows. We may not mentally always have the answers but the body is very good at communicating its needs.

One way of healing the body and finding remedy to whatever it may be speaking is to speak back. Positive mantra (spoken word repeated) such as, “My body is healthy”, “I am strong”, “This too shall pass”. Especially, telling the body it can heal itself is very helpful. This is because if we don’t believe in our body’s abilities of self healing, overcoming challenges and expanding into deeper love or our highest path, we will ultimately be creating barriers instead. This is not the same as ignoring chronic issues. This is actually the first step to addressing them and creating a healthy format to move forward.

Positive self talk is so important in labor, but when we look at all of life being just as vital and every moment as important, we begin to notice how we tell ourselves a story of ourselves everyday. We take on an identity and can attach to our pain.

One thing I teach my students in Reiki is that when we remember the body is naturally drawn towards harmony when it is relaxed, it organizes its healing in such a way, many of our “problems” start to sort out themselves.

Keeping peace and encouraging positivity by communicating back to our bodies, that they are loved, capable and miraculous is the first step towards healing and overcoming our challenges.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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