10 Reasons to Hire a Labor Doula

If you are considering having a doula at your birth, all reasons should be practical. Good thing that every reason is! Doulas are not just a trending addition to your pregnancy plan, but a holistic and helpful way to have a happy birth and postpartum!

Here are some reasons you may have already considered to have a doula:

1. You want to give birth normally, without the use of medication or unnecessary interventions.

2. You want someone who is experienced and trained to help manage your labor pain naturally.

3. You've heard about the research on doulas and want the benefit of having one present.

4. You want someone knowledgeable present at all times to ask questions and explain your options.

5. You want someone to act as an advocate for your and your partner's wishes.

6. You've experienced a traumatic or negative birth prior with children.

7. You're a single mother or your partner is out of town for the birth.

8. You're trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

9. You want an additional person present who can provide physical or emotional support.

10. You want someone to help the father participate more fully in the birth, to take pictures or video, and to deal with family and friends.

A doula's three main goals for your birth is to promote HAPPINESS, COMFORT and SAFETY.

As a doula, to have those objectives in the magical work force of the birth world is a true honor and pleasure to take part in. Those three things added to your already empowered birth plan and innate feminine strength can only help achieve an even calmer and more joyful birth experience.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 



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