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Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)

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Reiki Level 2 (Okuden)

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Reiki Master (Shinpiden) and Teacher

January 23, 11-5 pm

Reiki For Women's Health

TBA online class

Reiki Training



Reiki is the connection to Universal Life Force Energy and it's attunements come in a series of Levels. Reiki is the only healing modality that requires an attunement from a reiki master to practice. Through the ceremonial attunement process, symbols and techniques will be transferred over from master to student. Our unique initiation ceremony is like no other because it integrates sacred sound activation with reiki channeling. It is a truly ancient, yet modern integration of the Reiki practice. Level 1 attunement is a wonderful step to integrate reiki energies into daily life and can be utilized by all ages of any belief system.  Take the next step to your own empowerment in healing with this sacred tradition.










Self Investment

Level 1 $150
Level 2 $150
Reiki Master $250

Reiki Instructor $333
We offer a sliding scale to students of need. This class is offered through Kriyative Wellness, a partner business between Emily and her husband Michael Rodriguez.

Sacred Sound Bath and Reiki Workshops 


Sacred sounds have been utilized for thousands of years to bring balance and health to those experiencing it. Sounds are the auditory experience of frequencies that are all around us. By tapping into what we call "sacred sound", we can create a harmonic state in the body and mind. Emily offers quartz and tibetan singing bowls in all her personal Reiki sessions and hosts Sound Bath workshops with her husband Michael.

Singing bowls can be utilized during pregnancy and postpartum to release fears and emotions that are not serving and bring in a deep sense of acceptance and tranquility.

Known healing benefits of Sound Healing: 


~  Stress/pain management & relief

~ Intense meditative states, heightened consciousness

~  Sleep enhancement, increased energy

~  Natural sense of balance, harmony & relaxation

~  Emotions are calmed, chakras are balanced 

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Sacred Birth Journey Classes Coming Soon..

Women Holding Hands

Women's Circles

By Donation 

Northern Colorado

Gathering for Women

Local women's circles to connect with other women in the community. The intention for these gatherings is to achieve support, friendship and to give a deeper sense of belonging to the community. New moon gatherings include a different theme each month, discussion, altar building, crafts, songs and potluck/social.
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Wild Moon Women's Tribe.

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Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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