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'Sacred Birth Journey' Offerings

Fear Release

Address and release fears related to pregnancy, birth or motherhood with sacred guided motherhood meditation.


Add on 1 hour “Reiki Release Technique”        


Postpartum Sealing Ceremony Package

$150 includes:

Sacred Ceremonial Tuck In

Heated Oil Rub Down

Belly Firming Paste 

Sacred Benkung Belly Bind (belly bind only $40)

Bengkung Belly Bind

Birth Photography

Birth photos will last a lifetime and are a special keepsake of remembering all the hard work of labor and the magical moment of birth itself. 

Emily offer's a simple addition to your doula package by taking photos and compiling a slideshow for you to treasure forever. 

 $40 Package Includes:

Slideshow with music, any short videos of birth or labor, and complete compilation of all photos taken

Sealing Ceremony 

Emily Rodriguez Photography 

Mother's Blessing

Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants

Choose your desired crystal and preferred wire (silver or gold) to design a keepsake specially to honor the birth of your new child and becoming a mother. It could be you, your partner or baby's birth stone or a stone that has specific metaphysical properties to fit your needs.

Pendants and rings are made custom by Mike Rodriguez, jeweler and yoga teacher. 

See facebook page: Kriyative Jewelry

Reiki Sessions

Reiki compliments any other modality of healing because it activates the body's innate ability to repair itself.

Reiki helps alleviate stress, pain, insomnia, fears, headaches and many more ailments. Reiki is a hands-on treatment that is very relaxing and gentle for people of all ages.

Emily offers 60/90 minute sessions for $60/$90 and integrates sacred sound and intuitive guidance. 

Reiki is especially helpful for preterm babies in the NICU and special visits can be arranged. 

Shamanic Birth Drumming

Dive into the ancient sounds of animal hide drum beats. Emily offers shamanic drumming and trance drumming to support a labor of ebb and flow. This highly meditative sacred sound deeply affects a laboring women's ability to center inward. It provides sacred sound medicine from the spirit animal to accompany her inner journey.


Mama Magic offers customized aromatherapy and herbal blends. This accommodates the healing process postpartum and stress reduction during pregnancy.

Emily blends 100% pure therapeutic essential oils with organic hemp, avocado or coconut oil or reverse osmosis water, to fit your aromatherapy needs.


 Products available:

Sitz Baths 

Essential oil rollon blends

Sacred Space Aromatherapy Sprays

Shungite (black mineral) Soap

White Flower Soap

&  More! 

Emily Rainflower Rodriguez 


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